Voice of the Silent

Once, when we lived in Kazakhstan, I looked out the window and saw girls who were going to “work” to sell themselves on the street. These were girls, a little older than our eldest daughter, I felt very sorry for them and I thought what could be done to change their lives? How can you help them get a profession? How can you teach them to sew, cook and not sell their body? Voice of the Silent began in Kazakhstan with bible studies in the home of Anara. Now this worldwide organization supports women in Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, and parts of the United States.

Our Story

I came to Christ in 1997 while living in Kazakhstan. We came from a Muslim background and naturally our relatives were furious with the “betrayal” so we had to move often to escape persecution. During the time as missionaries in our own country we developed 3 churches in different cities, and faced adversity from the authorities.
Following God’s calling we moved to Eastern Europe to obtain an education at a Biblical institution where we resided for 5 years prior to moving to the United States. Living there helped us foster many relationships with the local communities that have allowed us to start new ministries in recent years. In 2010, God moved us to America, and all these years we have been supporting people in many countries who cannot speak for themselves, cannot petition for themselves due to various reasons, such as the fact that their governments are corrupt and their voices will be suppressed or ignored. On top of that, many of our brothers and sisters are from countries with a Muslim majority, meaning that everyone has turned away from them. We help them in different ways, whether it be conducting trainings and seminars for them or financing their entrepreneurial endeavors. For example, in 2013, we held an international conference in Kyrgyzstan, where international speakers were invited. The pressing issue at the heart of this gathering was how to stop slavery, cruelty and human trafficking. It was attended by participants from 8 countries. Also in 2014 and in 2015, we visited Kyrgyzstan and supported a shelter for women with children who found themselves on the street because of the violence that exists in their region. We helped several families from Asian countries to start a sewing business so that they could sell their goods and thus earn a living for themselves. For this, we helped them get sewing machines from Germany, and provided them with the funding to start this business. Finally in 2015, we began to serve in Ukraine, as the separatist war broke out in 2014 in the east, and great crisis swelled in the country and God called us to support different ministries within Ukraine. We have supported widows, orphans, large families, people with disabilities through the work we carry out there.


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