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Empowering the voiceless, restoring hope.
Voice of the Silent - a Christian organization dedicated to serving victims of violence, slavery, and other forms of oppression. Discover our mission, history, and values, as well as our different ministries and programs. Join us in empowering the voiceless and restoring hope to those in need
About Anara Grace
Anara Grace is the founder and visionary leader of Voice of the Silent. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Anara became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1997, which transformed her life and calling. For many years, she served as a Women's Ministries Leader in Central Asia, helping people in a godless system learn and understand God.

Anara later received a bachelor's degree from the Christian University of Moldova Divitia Gratiae in Eastern Europe and started her Master of Arts in Practical Ministries at TSM International Institute. In 2010, she and her children moved to America to serve as the voice of those who cannot raise their voices for their lives, those who cannot have a decent life, and those who need hope.
Through Voice of the Silent, Anara's passion is to serve victims of slavery, all types of violence, and oppression around the world. She believes in empowering the voiceless to become vocal and sharing the love of God with those who have never experienced it. Anara leads by example, living a life of love, compassion, and action.

In addition to her work with Voice of the Silent, Anara served as a leader for women in the Lausanne Movement from 2016 to 2022, as a catalyst for Women in Evangelism. She has helped women around the world become whole and reach their full potential in Christ.

Anara's leadership and passion for justice have inspired and transformed countless lives around the world. We are honored to work with her and to be a part of her vision for a world without slavery, violence, or oppression.
Our Events
From speaking at women's conferences to leading training sessions on domestic violence, Anara's work has touched countless lives and helped bring positive change to many communities around the world.
  1. Kazakhstan, Bible Institute, Pastoral Faculty, Translator's Work: Anara was involved in training pastors and translators in Kazakhstan to help spread the message of the Gospel.
  2. Seattle, Salvation Church, Seminar for Sisters: Anara led a seminar for sisters in Seattle, focused on empowering and inspiring women.
  3. Seminar for Young Girls, San Catarina, Canada: Anara held a seminar for young girls in Canada, aimed at providing them with guidance and support as they navigate their teenage years.
  4. Cape Town 2010 South Africa, 3rd Lausanne's Congress: Anara attended the 3rd Lausanne Congress in South Africa, which brought together Christian leaders from around the world to discuss important issues facing the Church.
  5. Meeting with Kazakh Students at the University of Pennsylvania: Anara met with Kazakh students at the University of Pennsylvania to provide support and encouragement as they pursued their education.
  6. Anara Grace is a Special Guest of the Global Voices Summit: Anara was invited to be a special guest at the Global Voices Summit, where she shared her vision for a world without slavery, violence, or oppression.
  7. Retreat for Slavic Women, Minnesota: Anara organized and led a retreat for Slavic women in Minnesota, focused on helping them connect with one another and grow in their faith.
  8. 2011 Minneapolis Women's Conference, 8 Slavic Churches Attended: Anara spoke at a women's conference in Minneapolis, which was attended by women from eight Slavic churches in the area.
  9. 2012 Women's Conference, First Slavic Church, Sacramento: Anara spoke at a women's conference in Sacramento, organized by the First Slavic Church.
  10. International Conference Against Slavery and Violence, Attended by People from all over Asia, Kyrgyzstan: Anara attended a conference in Kyrgyzstan focused on fighting against slavery and violence, and met with people from all over Asia.
  11. Night Prayer, Kazakhstan: Anara held a night prayer event in Kazakhstan, bringing together Christians from the area to pray and connect with one another.
  12. World Leadership Forum for Eastern Europe and Asia, Bangalore, India: Anara attended the World Leadership Forum in India, which brought together Christian leaders from Eastern Europe and Asia to discuss important issues facing the Church.
  13. Training for Women, Indonesia: Anara conducted training for women in Indonesia, providing them with the skills and support they need to be successful.
  14. With M, Seattle Shelter Director, UN Consultant, Speaker and Teacher: Anara met with M, a Seattle shelter director, UN consultant, speaker, and teacher, to discuss their work and ways to collaborate.
  15. Conference for Women, Portland: Anara spoke at a conference for women in Portland, inspiring and empowering them to live out their faith in the world.
  16. Training Against Domestic Violence, Minneapolis: Anara led a training focused on fighting against domestic violence in Minneapolis.
  17. Church "New Hope", Minneapolis. The Trainings for 12 Slavic Churches: Anara organized and led trainings for 12 Slavic churches in Minneapolis.
  18. Portland Women's Conference, Word of Life Church: Anara spoke at a women's conference in Portland, hosted by Word of Life Church.
  19. Missionary Trip to Ukraine. Team from USA. Camp for Teenagers, and Help to Local Churches in Ukraine: Anara and a team from the USA went on a missionary trip to Ukraine, where they held a camp for teenagers and provided support to local churches.
  20. World Forum Where Participants from 200 Countries Trained 1000 Youth Leaders. Youth Leaders Gathering 2016:
  21. Anara attended the Youth Leaders Gathering in 2016, which brought together youth leaders from around the world to receive training and inspiration to better serve their communities

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