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Missionary Trip
Anara Grace is planning a mission trip to several countries to support refugees and provide them with Christian psychological help. Many refugees have experienced unimaginable trauma and struggle to find the support they need to heal and rebuild their lives. Anara's trip will bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

During her trip, Anara will be working with local organizations and churches to provide trauma counseling, education, and resources to refugees. She will also be distributing much-needed supplies and materials, as well as offering spiritual guidance and support to those in need.
Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of refugees who are struggling to rebuild their lives.
But to make this trip a reality, we need your help. Your donation will help fund Anara's travel, lodging, and other expenses associated with the trip, as well as the resources and materials she will be providing to refugees.

With your donation, you can help provide the support, guidance, and resources they need to heal and thrive.

Please consider making a donation today to support Anara's mission trip and help provide hope and healing to refugees in need. Thank you for your support!
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